About Us

Our Experience:

Since 1985, Highlight Printing Minneapolis has built a reputation as a leading Minneapolis printer. We are experts at what we do. Every employee is a career graphics person, has years of experience, and is cross-trained in various departments to more thoroughly understand and properly plan for the best results for your project. We understand printing from design through distribution, but more importantly, we make it our business to understand exactly what you need.

Your Experience:

From the first order, you'll notice a difference! As the foundation to our relationship with you, we have a unique system for recording and following your preferences - from PO requirements to special delivery instructions. You're the customer, you tell us how you want it done. Every order is reviewed to make sure it is in line with those preferences. Additionally, each time you re-order an item, we check the order history and quantity-so price-wise and inventory-wise your order makes sense.

Your Objectives:

What are your objectives for this piece, your inventory control issues, your marketing goals, your budget or timing challenges, etc. Our unique blend of experience and capabilities combine to create a truly customized print management solution.

Your Goals:

Our newest additions include web development, and promotional products, including certification as an Authorized Reseller of Post-it® Notes. It's your company how can we help you get where you want to be?