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Most of us, at one time or another, thought about going back in time to do something differently. Most of us dismiss the thought in a matter of minutes. Even though no one has invented a time machine, technology makes it possible to send our files Back in Time to an earlier version. In doing so, there are things to be mindful of, text may re-flow, special effects may disappear or not appear the same as they did in the original. But if this is something you have to do, here are some traveling instructions. InDesign: To open an InDesign CS5 document in InDesign CS4, do two things. First, in InDesign CS5, export the document to the InDesign Markup Language (IDML). (The IDML format replaces the Interchange INX format used for saving backwards in previous versions.) Second, make sure that the computer running InDesign CS4 is updated with the appropriate plug-ins so that it can open the exported IDML file. The person running InDesign CS4 can obtain the compatibility plug-ins by choosing Help > Updates and following the prompts. Plug-ins can also be installed from the Adobe website: Choose Support > Updates in the Adobe website, and go to the InDesign Downloads page. 1. Choose File > Export. 2. From the File Type (Windows) or Format (Mac OS) menu, choose InDesign Markup (IDML). 3. Click Save. You can now open the .idml file in InDesign CS4 to convert it to an untitled InDesign document. Note:Content created using features specific to InDesign CS5 may be modified or omitted when you open the document in InDesign CS4. The software only allows you to one version back, so if you need to get it into CS3, you have to repeat the same process in CS4 (only choose INX format). Illustrator: To save an Illustrator CS5 back to CS4. 1. Choose File > Save As. 2. Rename your file and choose Format: Adobe Illustrator .ai 3. Click Save > Version (choose the version you want) 4. OK Note:You may save the .ai file all the way back to CS but as with InDesign specific features may be modified or omitted. Quark: To save an Quark 8 document back to Quark 7. 1. Choose File > Export > Layouts as Project 2. Version > 7 Note: The software only allows you to one version back, so if you need to get it into 6.5, you have to repeat the same process in 7. Highlight Printing is a well-respected Minneapolis printer that focuses on the complete needs of the client from creative to offset printing and digital printing, 3M Post-It notes, bindery, warehousing, fulfillment, mailing, and distribution.  Please contact us @ 612.522.7600, info@highlightprinting.com or www.highlightprinting.com


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