FEATURED PROJECT: Carbonless Business Forms, Design, Digital Printing

PROJECT: Carbonless forms for 2 different clients.

GOAL: Client #1 is from NY and found us on the internet.  She needed quick, reliable, no-fuss help printing several forms for a trade show she was coming to in Minneapolis.  Client #2 needed a solution to increase the security on his forms.

PROCESS: Client 1 emailed us excel files, we produced the forms within a couple days and delivered them to the hotel where she was hosting the trade show...no fuss, no muss.  Client #2 required some "out-of-the-box" thinking on our part to create a 4 part form that had the last 2 parts shorter than the first 2 parts, and added a "black-out" section to the 1st 2 parts.

RESULTS: Client# 1 said: "It was such a pleasure to deal with Highlight Printing.  I needed a last minute job for a trade show in MN.  They turned the proofs around quickly and produced 4 different document order forms in less than 4 business days.  They called to double check when they noticed a stray mark on my excel document.  They also left me a message when the job was being delivered to my hotel so I could be on the look out for the boxes. They also left a message the next day to thank me for my business and told me to call if there were any issues.  Excellent customer service! We would definitely use Highlight Printing again.  Wish all of our vendors offered this level of service & were as pleasant to deal with on the phone!"  Client #2 just started using his forms a couple days ago, so no feedback is availabl yet.

LISA'S NOTES: Pretty cool when we can still get jazzed about a few forms after all these years in printing!  And it still makes us proud to blow people away by our service and attention to detail and especially gratifying to create a solution that no-one has thought of before.  Highlight Printing is a well-respected Minneapolis printer that focuses on the complete needs of the client from creative to offset printing and digital printing, 3M Post-It notes, bindery, warehousing, fulfillment, mailing, and distribution.  Our latest offerings include web-development and promotional products.  Please contact us @ 612.522.7600, sales@highlightprinting.com or www.highlightprinting.com


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