FEATURED PROJECT: Direct Mail with a pad of Post-it Notes

Simple Direct Mail campaign with a pad of
Post-it Notes. Inexpensive, eye-catching and effective.

PROJECT: Direct mail campaign to existing contacts.

GOAL: A direct mail campaign that had an educational component to it and helped keep our client's product top-of-mind.

PROCESS: For this project, the client gave us all of the direction and art, and because they had them in stock, they also supplied the Post-it Notes.  We printed the envelopes and cards, mounted the Post-it Notes to the card and handled the mailing.

RESULTS: Effective, attractive, inexpensive, and a stand-out among other promotional materials.  Great ROI, and great top-of-mind mailing.

NOTES: I have one in front of me as I type this blog, and I can honestly say that if I rec'd something in the mail like this, I would be impressed.  We would do one thing differently next time - we would put a piece of board between the Post-it Notes and the envelope so the postal equipment could slide over the bump that is created by the Post-it Notes - the envelopes got a little beat up by the post office. Highlight Printing is a well-respected Minneapolis printer that focuses on the complete needs of the client from creative to offset printing and digital printing, 3M Post-It notes, bindery, warehousing, fulfillment, mailing, and distribution.  Our latest offerings include web-development and promotional products.  Please contact us @ 612.522.7600, sales@highlightprinting.com or www.highlightprinting.com


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