PROJECT:  A number of different sized envelopes, sometimes printed in black and white, sometimes printed in 2 or 3 color.  (Note:  The samples we are showing are from 3 different non-profits we work with, and each have a custom solution for their particular needs.   The story is about one of the clients, but the process we go through is for all clients.) GOAL:  These are for a well-known local non-profit organization.  As a non-profit, it is especially important to keep costs down.  But as an organization that relies heavily on donations, it is also important to walk the line of always keeping their image up. PROCESS:  Meet with client to understand goals, quality-of and amount-of storage space available at their location (envelopes can take up a bunch of room and need to be stored in a dry environment), and how quickly they will use the envelopes (generally, you want to use you envelopes up in about a year because of the adhesive).  Research options to meet those goals, including the option of printing more to lower the cost per piece and storing them at Highlight.  Present estimates at various quantities. RESULTS:  Provided the best balance between paper-quality, quantity, method of production, and usage amount. LISA'S NOTES:   At first glance, to many people, an envelope is an envelope is an envelope.  But every time we work with a client, whether they are a non-profit or not, we put ourselves in their shoes to try to totally understand their goals so we can help them succeed.  Sometimes the most important thing is budget, sometimes the most important thing is the marketing message and image, sometimes it is ease of ordering, or storage, or fulfillment, or recycled content of paper, or exact color match no-matter the substrate or production method, and on and on and on.  THIS is how we save money for our clients AND help them grow!  We throw all of our knowledge, resources, and energy into creating a custom solution for every client.  No, an envelope is not an envelopes is not an envelope - you need the right envelope and solution for YOU. Highlight Printing is a well-respected Minneapolis printer that focuses on the complete needs of the client from creative to offset printing and digital printing, 3M Post-It notes, bindery, warehousing, fulfillment, mailing, and distribution.  Our latest offerings include web-development and promotional products.  Please contact us @ 612.522.7600,  sales@highlightprinting.com or www.highlightprinting.com


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