Serving Our Community

Highlight Printing Minneapolis adopted its Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility Program in 2009 as an integral part of our business plan. While our company has a rich history of social involvement, the Corporate Responsibility Program establishes a focused mission, philosophy, set of guidelines and communications strategy, helping Highlight Printing make an even greater, more positive impact on the community through the company’s charitable donations, social involvement and environmental awareness.

First and foremost, it’s about the future - for our kids and our environment.  We are honored to give back to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and Minnesota in general which has provided with so much opportunity.  Our goal is to support that same opportunity for future generations.

To enhance the well-being of our local youth and give them a better chance at being successful in life, we choose to give back to our local community through our commitment to children’s causes, including those that fund and distribute food, clothing, and shelter to children in need, and those that provide educational programs and supplies.

Additionally, to give future generations the opportunity to benefit from the wonderful outdoors we Minnesotans value so much, we are supporting charitable organizations that works to preserve green-space in greater Minnesota.

We welcome and are energized by broad participation in our charitable and environmental efforts. Highlight Printing will at times volunteer, make cash or in-kind donations as a company and may invite employees to make free-will donations. We are passionate about actively involving customers, prospects, vendors and community members in our cause-based events and environmental initiatives but we will not solicit donations and respect these individuals can choose whether to make cash contributions on their own.