Paper Experts

After print, paper is our second love:  You won’t find many print shops that take as much care as Highlight Printing does when selecting a paper with our customers.  Paper is so important in conveying  an impression to the recipient.  Part of the beauty of print compared to other forms of communication is the tactile nature of it.  You can’t “feel” your TV screen,  your computer screen, or a radio.  With paper you create a sense of what the company is trying to communicate.  For instance – a brochure for a Bentley is probably printed on a very heavy, very glossy sheet, while a brochure for a Prius is probably printed on an uncoated, toothy, “earthy” sheet.  Paper creates the impression before the reader reads the title.

We offer choices and give suggestions, all while keeping budget in mind.  We also might ask questions like:  Who is the audience for the piece?  What is the lifespan of the piece?  What are you trying to communicate to your audience.